• Up to 30% energy savings by reducing friction
  • We replace rubbing gear contact with rolling gear contact.
  • Compact in Size Improved Economy & Performance
  • Endless applications & industries

Bringing 21st Century Worm Gears to Market

SpinControl Gearing has significantly improved the efficiency of worm gearing with its globally patented technology.

SpinControl Gearing has developed, tested and patented a new energy saving roller bearing worm gear technology that is uniquely versatile and adaptive to hundreds of applications in nearly every gear market segment; including applications that currently use other types of gearing.

SpinControl Gearing has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 735178 and has also been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission for its phase 2 project proposal.


Aerospace, Cement / Aggregate Industry, Communications Equipment, Conveyor Equipment, Electric Industry, Escalators & Elevators, Food & Beverage Processing, Industrial Equipment, Marine Equipment, Metals Processing, Metalworking Equipment, Packaging & Shipping, Paper / Wood Processing, Petrochemical/Refineries, Plastic Industry, Printing Industry, Pumps /Fans / Compressors, Solar Power Drive Systems, Testing Equipment, Textile Processing, Water / Waste Water Treatment, And many more.

About us

SpinControl Gearing ("SpinCo") is based in Florida, USA and the High-Tech area of the Netherlands which is known worldwide as the Brainport region.

SpinCo has developed, tested and patented a new energy-saving gear technology that has high growth potential and will improve the performance of many products. Potential applications include; industrial equipment, motor vehicles, marine, aerospace and more.

Saving energy and reducing emissions are critical global objectives. SpinCo's "Green Gear Technologyâ„¢" offers long-term environmental and economic advantages by reducing energy consumption in many different types of mechanical systems regardless of power-source or fuel type.

SpinCo partners with companies seeking energy saving and performance enhancing solutions for their power transfer needs. Together with our dedicated partners we will be incorporating the technology in various next generation industrial and consumer products of all sizes.